Top 5 best roads for motorcycle tour in Vietnam

Here is the collection of the five best routesfor motorcycle touring in Vietnam. VietNam Typical Tours want to share for travelers who intend to perform the tour by motorbike in Vietnam.

1. The road crossing the Rock plateau in Ha Giang

Hà Giang is one of far Northern lands of Vietnam that lied along the Chinese border. Ha Giang is known as the beautiful land and being famous for the lime-stone mountains – the Rock Plateau in Hà Giang is well known in the world as the Global GeoPark. Hundred miles of the “snake” road crossing the Rock Plateau offers so amazing view of mountain that can make you stop every single mile to take pictures. You’ll see nothing but the imposingly rocky mountains with some little villages of the colorful tribes on. It can be said that the road in Ha Giang is a great formula for the racers. You must really be a good driver to be able to conquer this road.

Top 5 best roads for motorcycle tour in Vietnam

2. Motorbike Ride from Tu Le to Sapamotorbike tours north vietnam

Northern Vietnam offers a lot of beautiful routes for motorcycle touring but the best road to ride motorcycle on should be the one from Tu Le town in Yen Bai province to Sapa. It’s around 200 km of sealed road including two longest and most beautiful passes in North of Vietnam: Khau Pha and O Qui Ho pass. On this road you will enjoy beautiful scenery of the mountains, terraces…

Top 5 best roads for motorcycle tour in Vietnam

3. Back-Road From Cao Bang to Ban Gioc waterfall

Cao Bang is located on the high plateau in Northeast of Vietnam, it’s around 300 km from Hanoi but it attracts more and more touristsmotorbike Vietnam because of many interesting attractions and beautiful landscapes; especially, it’s famous for the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam – the Ban Gioc waterfall. In addition, the road is around 190 km offer plenty of stops for picturing of breathtaking landscapes or visits rustic villages of the local hill tribes such as The Nung, the H’mong, The San Chay people. 

4. Ho Chi Minh road

Ho Chi Minh Trail was original built during the Vietnam War in early 1960s. It belong the western mountainous areas of the country. It’s a complex of the small paths along the famous Truong Son mountain range therefore It still offers plenty of beautiful motorbike routes with amazing view of mountain although it becomes now a smooth and sealed road. From year 2000, the Ho Chi Minh trail was reconstructed a lot and it completely changed, it does not offer more off-road motorcycle rides but it still a perfect road to have a great motorcycle ride in Vietnam.

Top 5 best roads for motorcycle tour in Vietnam

5. Coastal Road from Quy Nhon To Nha TrangMotorbike tour expert

Riding on this scenic coastline is one of the most enjoyable motorcycle ride in Vietnam. The road was known as highway 1D which is much less traffic than the highway 1A, It’s around 200 km in length that offers mostly amazing view between the mountain and the sea. You can stop at every kilometer to enjoy the nice view or take picture of the lean and empty beaches.

If you are an adventurer and discoverer. Taking a motorcycle tour on legendary roads in Vietnam will be a great option for you

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