Top 5 things to do for your Viet Nam family holiday in Sapa

Sapa, the queen of mountain, highlight of any Vietnam holiday offers trekking experience to beautiful valleys, ethnic minority villages where tourists can learn about the unique culture, customs and habits of the locals, sometimes, you spend an overnight stay with a local family that is something special. A family holiday in Sapa definitely will be a stunning experience for your children to explore nature, culture as well as Vietnamese people. VietNam Typical Tours suggest most outstanding tours in Sapa, which cover top attractive spots and activities for family holiday. And here are top 5 things to do for your Vietnam family holiday suggested by us:

1. Trekking

Trekking is one of the most favorite and interesting activities in Sapa. There are some options for you family, including easy trek, medium trek and hard trek. Easy trekking route will help you gain a basic understanding of Sapa and the life of local residents there. The view on your way is also really amazing. If you and your family a really trekking lovers, the hardest trek in Sapa won’t let you down. It is the trek to the top of Fansipan – the Roof of Indochina, the dream of many young Vietnamese.

Top 5 things to do for your Viet Nam family holiday in Sapa

2. Climbing Fansipan

Fansipan is one of the most beautiful attractions in Sapa, It is the peak of Indochina with the elevation of 3143m. Climbing Fansipan is great fun and a nice accomplishment.The keys to success at Fansipan are:
– Have appropriate shoes.
You can buy climbing shoes at Sapa – probably it is far better to have brought your own from home. Good hiking socks are a plus too. Probably this means starting to think about Fansipan before you get on the plane to Vietnam.
– Pack light.
There’s no point in carrying crap you don’t need. Maybe everybody in your group doesn’t need their own camera, for example. Take along your flash light, snack, water, sleeping bag for change, don’t bring the full pack of toiletries with you. The lighter you carry, the more chance you have to make it to the top
– Dress warmly.
Bring some warm clothes, woolen hat, and gloves along because it’s cold at the top and at night.

Top 5 things to do for your Viet Nam family holiday in Sapa

3. Vistiting Sapa market

The local markets in the region are unlike anything you’re likely to have seen elsewhere in Vietnam. Minority groups come here to exchange and trade goods and products. Market sessions are also a chance for locals to promenade and young men and women in colorful costumes to meet, date or seek sweethearts. The typical market is vibrant and colorful with traditional costume of the black Hmong, Red Dao, Tay and other minorities. With this activities in Sapa, your family holiday will not just be a normal trip, it is a good opportunity for you and your family to improve knowledge.

Top 5 things to do for your Viet Nam family holiday in Sapa

4. Waterfalls in Sapa

Sa Pa is not only well known for the charm of being a misty mountain town with terraced rice fields stretching continuously on the mountains, but also for its romantic waterfall. These waterfalls are Thac Bac, Cat Cai, Lanh, Tinh Yeu and Nam Cang.
There are many other wonderful waterfalls at the foot of Phan Si Pan Mountain, the highest mountain in Vietnam, such as Ta Lam, Na Pao, Dau Nhuan and Tac Tinh are welcom your family holiday in here.
These waterfalls are special tourism products of the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai and must-see places for your family holiday.

Top 5 things to do for your Viet Nam family holiday in Sapa

5. Ban Ho village trek and hot springs

One popular excursion with trekkers is the home-stay village of Ban Ho, where the local people are from the Tay ethnic group. The housing here is traditional stilt homes and it makes for an exciting and interesting opportunity to witness and join this way of life. Close by to here are the hot springs, always here a good way to relax your aching muscles after the day’s exertions. Howere, they are not open in the rainy season.

So, Vietnam family holiday to Sapa definitely will be a life time experience for the whole members in family. So, if you want to book a Vietnam tour for your family, please contact us and tell us your interests, needs and budget. VietNam Typical Tours will plan a perfect Vietnam Family Holiday that suits for your wishes. 

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