Top 8 best positions of Vietnamese tourist attractions on the global lists of world

Vietnam is a small country but has a big number of amazing landscapes and seascapes that are usually ranked high positions on the world’s lists of the travelling best. Superb Ha Long Bay, giant Son Doong Cave and pristine Long Beach are some of recognized destinations. The followings shall give you eight best positions of Vietnamese tourist attractions on the global lists voted by famous travel magazines and visitors in all over the world.

World’s most pristine and beautiful beaches

beach in Vietnam

Long Beach (Phu Quoc) was voted to be one of the world’s most pristine and beautiful beaches. The result was made by a travel-specialized magazine – Concierge and ABC News (Australia). Coming to this spot, you will meet a surprised attraction as the wonderful harmony of the tranquil space and peaceful landscapes which bring to you the relaxation and relief. Situated on Phu Quoc Island 15km long to the northwest, the Beach has not affected by the human beings’ deployment, so it keeps the natural beauty and attraction that is deserved to be one of the most fascinating paradise possessing the warm sunshine, crystal sapphire water and smooth long beach for tourists coming and enjoying.

World’s most beautiful places to take selfie

In the early March, 2014, Hoi An was listed on the 17 most stunning places in the world to take a selfie by the Buzzfeed Travel and it is definitely a must if you want to meet the ancientness, tranquility in a modern and hustle life to take a selfie then show to your friends the best memory and experience. The spot used to be a bustling trading port two hundred years ago, where carried out the international business among Japanese, Chinese, Western merchant ships and the Vietnamese ones. With remaining characteristics of the historical commercial port, Hoi An looks so nostalgic with colorful lanterns and it magnetizes thousands of arrivals with its harmonic mixture of diversified cuisines. In addition to snapping a nice pic, the melting pot of cuisines originating from other regions in Vietnam shall flavor your trip much.

World’s most beautiful Bays

halong bay

Being recognised as one of the most beautiful bays in the World Club in 2003, it is no doubt that Ha Long Bay has been one of the most well-known destinations in the world and definitely deserved with its tittle as one of the seven world’s natural wonders in 2011. Besides being a reputable world’s wonder, the Bay has been on many other travelling ranking lists voted by tourists and famous travel magazines for some categories (Top ten beautiful bays in the world by the Globalgrassopper, Ten most beautiful bays in the world by, Top twenty-five fairylike destinations in the world by the BuzzFeed, USA, Top fifteen most amazing landscapes and rock formations across the world by BBC News) and the most attractive destination for Valentine 2014 is one of them, selected by the National Geographic. You can see the stunning beauty of Ha Long through lots of films and videos where the Bay appears as fascinatingly as its possession with multi-shaped rock formations but it is highly recommended coming and enjoying the off-screen incredibility of this famous Bay. With over 2,000 karst islands and islets owning typical geological characteristics, Ha Long Bay is a place gathering the rich biodiversity. It is also a fantastic photographed spot.
Besides Ha Long, Nha Trang Bay and Lang Co Bay –Hue Capital are those named on the list of world’s most beautiful bays by the Club of the most beautiful bays of the world.

World’s most delicious dishes

best food in viet nam

Voted by the Bussiness Insider, Vietnamese Pho is ranked the top position of the must-eat list, leaving famous sushi (Japan) or Penang assam laksa (Malaysia). Pho symbolizes Vietnam’s rich traditional cuisine with the fantastic match of typical and special spices and ingredients. This is definitely a must-eat. On your way to Vietnam, you can enjoy the dish in every regions of the country with the various flavors and recipes; however they are always magnetic and Pho is the reason for the more and more reputable and popular Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

Cities having the most delicious street food in the world

Ho Chi Minh City is the place glorifying Vietnam in this aspect. It was listed on the eighth position as voted by the Food and Wine. Travelling to this spot, you can easily find snacks and exotic yummy dishes less than one buck on sidewalks. The flavor is so fantastic and the recipes always keep their own secrets. There are lots of amazing dishes but you should pay more attention to baked banana and “Khot” cake, the two famous mouthwatering street foods in HCM.

World’s top attractive destinations

As announced on TripAdvisor, Ha Noi was ranked the eighth position on the list of world most attractive destinations, voted by the site’s visitors. In Asia, Ha Noi only goes after Beijing (China). It is always a must-go, for not only nostalgic and elegant features because of its famous 36 ancient streets but also other attractions with colonial villas and architectures, majestic pagodas and temples, parks, lakes and more. The Hanoian cuisine is also the best-known one in the country with its quintessence of both recipes and ingredients. Trying the food when travelling along with its landscapes should be definitely an amazing experience.

World’s largest cave

World’s largest cave

Son Doong (Quang Binh) has become one of the hottest destinations in Vietnam, well-matched with Ha Long Bay, said by the BBC, the National Geographic News, the Huffington Post and more. It has been recognized as the biggest cave in the world with nearly 9km length, officially explored and measured by a group of scientists from the British Cave Research Association in 2009 after the first discovery by Mr. Ho Khanh, a local man. This is absolutely an appetizing place for nature-junkies and adventure-seekers. The cave is in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and Son Doong is an out-of-this-world national work that is able to seduce anyone at first coming for its breathtaking green tropical forests or a fresh river running in the cave and numerous multi-shaped stalactites and so forth (like in the film – Avatar). No matter you believe it or not, you should give yourself a chance for experiencing.

World’s most beautiful and biggest waterfalls

Ban Giooc

For any reason, Vietnam is a must on your bucket list and you will not be disappointed with it.Being ranked the top and the second positions on the world’s 10 most beautiful waterfalls made by the, Top 10 Most Stunning Waterfalls From Around The World made by the Daily News Dig, respectively, the Waterfalls is a very spectacular spot setting along with superb rock swells and giant rice fields. Ban Gioc Waterfalls (Cao Bang) which is 300 meters long is the biggest Waterfalls in South East Asia and voted as the fourth biggest transnational one on the world list. Comprising of three main waterfalls, when occurs heavy rains, this is formed in one massive waterfalls pouring water from the height of 53 meters, which creates an authentically spectacular scenery. You should visit Ban Gioc in wet season (May to Sep) to get it best beauty and fascination.
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