Top important safety tips for women traveling in Vietnam

Traveling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully. Of course, single travel has its perils too — such as safety concerns, loneliness and the dreaded single supplement. But a little preparation and common sense can save you money and get you through the rough spots.

Why Travel Alone?

Solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence; you can rest when you want and pour it on when you’re feeling ambitious. Another benefit is that your mistakes are your own, and your triumphs all the more exciting. There’s no worrying that your insistence on trekking all the way across town to a museum that was closed ruined your partner’s day; it’s your own day to salvage or chalk up to a learning experience.

Vietnam is a peaceful country and female travelers certainly do not face any particular safety issues. Yet, you still should careful .And the below is top important safety tips for women traveling in Vietnam. 

Top important safety tips for women traveling in Vietnam

Tip #1  Research Your Destination Thoroughly Before Your Trip

You should learn about the destination of your trip as well as the most convenient means of transportation at that location.

How are you going to get around? What is public transportation like in your destination? Do you need to rent a car? Does the situation change at night? What are the best neighborhoods and the ones you should avoid? Are there only certain kinds of taxis you should take? Is there a medical center in the city, just in case?

Tip #2 Women and Clothing

Vietnamese people do not dress traditionally or religiously in their daily life, so you do not have to worry about putting on something exotic or awkward. However,  when visiting holy places and national monuments, you should avoid wearing shorts and tatty beer T-shirts, even in hot days.

Tip #3 Avoiding Theft and Petty Crime

One of the most common issues that people find in Vietnam is that petty crime such as pickpocketing and theft of items such as cameras, laptops and rucksacks can happen. So, keep any valuables hidden in a bag which you keep close to yourself at all times, and particularly avoid carrying a camera or sunglasses on a strap around your neck in populated areas.

One good tip is to use a money belt that can be worn inside clothing, while using an inside pocket that cannot be reached without opening a jacket can also be a smart move.

Tip #4 – Political Sensitivities and Photography

Try to avoid taking photographs in areas where police or military individuals are present and be aware that, in some cases, they may ask you to delete photos or even ask you to hand over your memory card. Be respectful and use your best judgement when taking photos.

Tip #5 Behavior and Cultural Considerations.

Like anywhere else, displaying wealth will not only attract petty criminals, but may also trigger some feelings of resentment from local people. One important thing to avoid is drugs and, while they may be available, the punishments can be severe.


Friends in Vietnam do not hug or kiss each other as greetings. Therefore, to not create any misunderstanding for your local male friends, it is wise to not show any kind of close manners like that.  As a solo traveler, surely you should leave a copy of your itinerary with a close friend or relative and keep in touch with them at regular intervals.

Now, Do not worry. Let’s travel to Vietnam !!! If you have any questions, please contact us for the best advice.