When should you travel to Cham Island?

Lying 18 km offshore from Hoi An, the Cham Islands (known locally as Cu Lao Cham) feature beautiful seascapes and landscapes. This island group has 3,000 inhabitants; most of whom make a living from fishing. Only 1 + 1/4 hour by a junk and 30 minutes by speedboat from Hoi An Town (Cua Dai Quay), it is perfect for a day trip with snorkeling or a dive on some beautiful corals, a delicious seafood lunch on the island, or a walk along the “eco-tour” trail. It is much nicer to spend overnight on the island, then you will have chances to explore the island and experience your great time with sunset and sunrises which is much spectacular or go fishing at night and have barbecue on the island.

When should you travel to Cham Island?

There are many other interesting attractions for visitors, including fresh seafood, traditional crafts, swimming and sightseeing. Recently important archaeological remains were found and these are now exhibited in a small museum near the main jetty. The island is rich in aquatic resources, with 165 hectares of coral and 500 hectares of sea weeds. The waters around Cu Lao Cham is home to 135 species of coral, four species of tiger shrimp and 84 species of mollusk, many of which are listed in Vietnam’s and the world’s Red Book of endangered species.

So, When should you travel to Cham Island?

The most appropriate time for travelling to Cham Island is from March to August because this time always has good weather, sunny sky and calm sea. The rest of year has bad weather with rough sea and storms. Boats is almost impossible to go to the island, the island became an isolated area.

If you want to combine your trip with joining in The Lantern Festival of Hoi An, you should travel in time of the full moon day every month in lunar calendar. But please note that on 14th streets are more sparkling than on 15th.