Travel guide: Best time to visit Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai is the region located in the Northeastern of Vietnam (Yen Bai Province). This is one rural area suffered by the poor, but now has emerged as one of the most famous tourist destinations of Vietnam.

Mu Cang Chai is the home of many minority groups of what H’Mong is the major. The H’Mong make their lives among rice and corn cultivation, build wooden houses and guard boxes spotted between the terrace fields, bring the place with gorgeous poetic scenery. In Mu Cang Chai, there are splendid rice terrace fields creating amazing landscapes stretching down the mountain sides. The magical view will take your breath away for the time your eyes caught it.

Travel guide: Best time to visit Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam
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Mu Cang Chai is most crowded in the harvest time. In September to October, ripe rice fields with blending colors of yellow, green and black generates romantic and breathtaking scenery, which lies between superb mountain views of the Northern region. This is also the time when the fields become full of life as H’Mong ethnic minority farmers in their traditional attire harvest the ripe rice grains, and shoulder bags of the fruit home through mountains and hills as well as over swinging suspension bridges. It is normal to see ethnic minority mothers use cloth as a cradle to carry their infants on their back when they are harvesting paddy in the fields in the northwest of Vietnam. Children of the farmers run here and there in the fields, chatting with their parents and giggling in tune with the joy of their parents during the harvest season.

Flooding time in April or May is also an ideal period to visit Mu Cang Chai. During this season, Mu Cang Chai wears a mysterious and obsessed coat, when rice terraces are full of water, making them look like huge mirrors.

From May to August, when H’mong people start sowing, to sightsee green terraces, very beautiful too.