Travel tips and advice for family holidays in Vietnam

Viet Nam is a famous destination for family holidays. More Australians, UK and USA holiday makers are visiting Vietnam for the first time. It is all started with careful planning, and these tips and advice are to assist you plan for family holidays to Vietnam.

These useful tips for family holiday with children in Halong Bay

Medicine: Family holiday with children, kids and particularly toddlers, the more you plan carefully for your private holiday to Vietnam, the better you are prepare for any incidents. There can be an array of things which occur out of nowhere and you are not prepared for such things. For instance, your kids might have some bad coughing. This is possible, as the climate in Vietnam is tropical and humid. Bacteria and types of viruses may develop and your kids’s immune systems are just not able to defend against them. Take a list of prescribed drugs and be prepared to show to your tour guides in case you may need help.

Child friendly hotels: A great Vietnam family holiday package should take you to a family friendly hotel, rather than four star hotels having noisy bars and restaurants. All you need is a nice, clean, child friendly place and NOT a fancy hotel having a big crowd. Ask your Vietnam travel company or a travel agent for a link to the hotels you are going to stay in each destination.

Learning: Your family holiday with small children in Vietnam, particularly to cultural places is a great way to let them learn and explore a new world. Ask your tour guides to talk to them more, show them what they can learn and apply back home. Some Vietnamese tour guides can make a printout of interesting things for kids. Do not hesitate to ask them to do so.

Crazy streets: Crossing the streets in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City can be a trouble in the first place. Simply ask your tour guide to show you how to cross the street safely, particularly when you have more kids traveling to Vietnam. Use the zebra crossing and traffic lights. If such things are not available, watch the locals and see how they cross the street, then follow their rules.

Scams: Use a reputable travel companies in Vietnam to design and run your tour of Vietnam instead of traveling on your own, as it is more likely you run into scams. There are stories of thief in dormitories, cheap hotels and private residences. Definitely you do not want to lose your passports and valuable things. Furthermore you wont get any help in case bad incidents happen. A travel tour company will do extra efforts to help you if you are in trouble while on a tour.

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