Travel tips for your trip in rainy season.

You are waiting for and preparing a lot of things for the trip, but it is influenced by bad weather, the below travel tips will be very helpful for you: Travel tips for your trip in rainy season.

Travel tips for your trip in rainy season.

1. Before travelling, consider weather forecast to have a suitable plan in choosing destination, activities, time and itinerary. Those things will help you a lot.

2. Using waterproof backpack to prevent raining and keep your luggage always dry.

3. Clothes and tools are always kept in big plastic bag to prevent water into your backpack.

4. Raincoat is an indispensible thing in your backpack when travelling in the season. You should choose simple and easy to go.

5. You should avoid going to beach and climbing to mountain in the season because of bad and uncontrolled weather. If you go to beach in rainy season, you shouldn’t join swimming. Climbing and hiking in rainy days is very dangerous.

6. Need to have replace plan for hotel and food shops if no luck, you can join some foods in rainy days not to waste time.

7. If you choose motorbike to go but in rainy season, avoid going in night and continue in the next morning. Or you have to go, you should go by bus to make sure your safety.

If you go by motorbike, you should choose helmet having glass to prevent your face from water and strong wind.

8. Besides, clothing is an important factor when travelling, especially in rainy season. You should choose comfortable clothes.

9. You should prepare drug when travelling like flu drug, bandage, etc.

10. Transferring and walking a lot, you should prepare soft shoes to go easier.

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