Travel Tips: Must – know taboos of local ethnic villages in Sapa

Trips to Sapa offers us a nice journey to enjoy breathtaking sceneries, to know cultural aspects as well as specific taboos of local ethnic groups to avoid for an unforgetable vacation in Sapa.

And in this article we would like to share to the visitors: "Must-know taboos of local ethnic villages in Sapa" that visitors should know.

#1. Must - know taboos of local ethnic villages in Sapa when visiting local ethnic villages in Sapa region.

Sapa is one of the best highlight in your Vietnam tours when exploring the north of Vietnam. Trips to Sapa are memorable with impressive landscapes of majestic mountains, immense valleys of terraced fields & lush vegetation, lovely waterfalls ... and specially, you can not miss visits to local ethnic minority villages.

Trekking to villages in Sapa is an interesting & popular tour activity in Sapa - an great way to understand local unique cultures, but you should know some taboos to have right behaviors when visiting their villages.

Travel Tips: Must – know taboos of local ethnic villages in Sapa

Most of villages have their own rules which are supposed to be followed by villagers as well as strangers to the villages. Many villages normally have a“forbidden forest” (with luxuriant old trees or rocks as sacred items) on their land where they worship the spirit or commit the village’s religious ceremonies.Villagers carefully protect these forests and strangers are not allowed to enter or any of their disrespectful acts in the area are strictly prohibited.At the time when they conduct traditional rituals of spirit worship or dispelling evil spirits, many villages set up a special gate at the village's entrance.

When you travel to the village, you should avoid making noises to break down the peaceful & quiet atmosphere of the villages. Doing whistle while walking in the village is also considered as a taboo because locals thinks that it is the signal to call devils to the village.Also during your trekking to village, some local children may follow you, touching on their heads is not a right way to express your affection, to locals, the souls residing in the head may flee and weaken the childen with sickness & diseases.

#2. Must – know taboos of local ethnic villages in Sapa when visiting someone’s house.

Normal, many visitors to Sapa, they often choose the Sapa tour packages with a homestay night to learn more about the culture, the lives of ethnic minorities here.

Homestaying or visiting the local ethnic’s house is a nice way to get to know their cultures & house styles.However, do not enter the house if there is a bunch of leaves or woven greenery or white cloths hanging in front of a door of stairway.That is generally a signal of recent funeral,banning strangers from coming inside.

When coming into the local house of ethnic village,it is better to follow the guidance of the host.

Each house has an altar centeredly located to worship their ancestors as well as gods.People need to respect the ancestor altar, note not to put any personal belongings on the altar, even touch it or sit with the back face to the altar.

In H’Mong’s house, there is often one highest pillar. It is said that there is a ghost living in the pillar, tourists are not allowed to hang clothes on it or lean against that “soul” pillar.

Travel Tips: Must – know taboos of local ethnic villages in Sapa

#3. A warm-hearted attitude is a good communication to break down language barrier.

Whenever strolling around the village or visiting someone’s house, you are best to actively greet the local people with a kind-hearted attitude,exhibit sincerity with a smile and a slight bow to eliminate the differences in language. Saying goodbye by handshaking or firmly smiling is widely accepted.

While traveling to H’Mong & Dzao villages in Sapa,such names as Meo or Man to refer to H’Mong & Dzao people are considered as slurs and should never be used.Aggressive behavior or argument, particularly with the elderly, women and children, is never acceptable.

Those are must-know taboos of local ethnic villages in Sapa you can get reference of and arm with you to avoid taboo actions when doing a trip to Sapa for an enjoyable vacation. If you are planning a trip to Sapa, Vietnam, you may be in need of Sapa Tour service, overnght train ticket Hanoi –Sapa, tourguide or private car rental to Sapa with driver from Hanoi, don’t hesitate to drop us an email to . As a local travel company in Hanoi, Vietnam, we will support you with useful consultancy and customize you with sapa tours of lifeftime experiences. We wish you a memorable holiday in Sapa.