Travel to Vietnam: Tips for avoiding minor annoyances

A comfortable travel trip and avoid the annoyance of the surrounding environment. The below is Travel to Vietnam: Tips for avoiding minor annoyances :

1. Avoiding hidden charges

Being charged a higher price for something simply because of how you look and where you come from can get really annoying.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of bargaining or speaking Vietnamese, stick to restaurants and shops that have listed prices. I would also recommend asking your hotel what the going price is for something you want. If a vendor or salesperson quotes you a much higher price, try to bargain or just walk away. Chances are, they will follow you and lower the price.

Travel to Vietnam: Tips for avoiding minor annoyances

2. Dressing conservatively

Even though it’s hot, this is still an important rule to follow. You should carry a basic black pashmina in your bag to cover up more when necessary.

3. Adding a few extra hours to travel time

Try to tack on an extra hour or two to your travel time to account for any traffic, unplanned stops, or inclement weather.

If you’re on a budget, buses are your best bet, but you should schedule a proper amount of time to get from point A to point B. A lot of people I met along the way opted for flights because they’re typically on time and much faster.

4. Staying safe from scamming drivers

If you do travel by bus throughout the country, most cities provide a free shuttle transfer from the bus station to your hotel. Don’t be scammed by taxi drivers at the bus stations when the ride could be free. Confirm with your hotel to make sure this is something that is still offered.