Travelling Vietnam One Day In Central Vietnam

Travelling Vietnam One Day In Central Vietnam. Why not ?

One of the tourist destination in the Central area of Vietnam is Hue city – the former capital of our country, which is famous for its culture, history and lyrical nature scenery. Hue is also well known for its historic monuments, which have earned it a place in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. We are confident to say that Hue tour from Da Nang City will be an unforgettable journey for visitors who come to Da Nang to explore the culture and history, especially the stories of the Nguyen dynasty.

At 7:30 am, A trip starts departure from Danang. On the way from Danang to Hue city, we will go through Hai Van tunnel that links these two cities. This tunnel is part of the national highway, having a length of 6.28km, and it is also the longest tunnel of South East Asia.

Travelling Vietnam One Day In Central Vietnam

After going through Hai Van tunnel, You will be charmed by the beauty of a paradise that is called Lang Co bay. The beach of Lang Co is about 10km long, belongs to Lang Co town, Thua Thien – Hue province, which is contiguous to Hai Van tunnel. In 2009, Lang Co bay was dominated “one of the most beautiful bays in the world” by Worldbays.

Travelling Vietnam One Day In Central Vietnam

After arriving Hue citadel, you will visit Khai Dinh Tomb – the combination of Asian and European cultural structure.  Located on Chau Chu mountain (also known as Chau E). Khai Dinh Tomb is a strange architecture, unlike the tombs of the previous kings. At the first glance, Khai Dinh tomb is like a castle in Europe, because it was built on a concrete slope. Construction materials here mainly is  the modern materials. Indigenous materials such as wood, stone, brick and lime here are just a negligible amount.

Travelling Vietnam One Day In Central Vietnam

Along Huong River, you will go to the next destination is Thien Mu Pagoda – one of the most well-known religious works of Vietnam. Located on Ha Khe Hill, this is considered as the oldest pagoda and also the symbol of Hue city.

Travelling Vietnam One Day In Central Vietnam

Hue Imperial city is the last stop of this journey of us. Located on the northern bank of Huong River, this is the former administrative center as well as the accommodation of 13 Kings of the Nguyen Dynasty – the last feudatory Empire of Vietnam.

Travelling Vietnam One Day In Central Vietnam

The Imperial city is preserved as new for hundreds years, and tourists are allowed to visit many places such as Meridian Gate, Thai Hoa Palace and Duyet Thi duong theatre. Our tour guide will tell you the secret stories of the Royal family, of the Kings and the Queens’ lives.

In 1993, Hue Citadel was admitted “the World’s Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO.

Beside the ancient castles, the romantic scenery, Hue city is also famous for its cuisines, such as clam rice, beef noodle soup, and other various kinds of food made from rice flour. Just try once, and you will never forget the impressive taste of these dishes.

Afte this destination, you will come back your places in Da Nang and we will have to say good bye and hope to see you again in other tours of Vietnam Typical Tours.

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