Vietnam Travel Tips – Do’s and Don’ts for travelers when travel in Vietnam

Although Vietnam is well-known as a friendly and safe destination for travelers, you should see some dos & don’ts bellow to have a joyful and trouble-free journey in Vietnam. And the below Vietnam Travel Tips – Do’s and Don’ts for travelers when travel in Vietnam.

Vietnam Travel Tips - Do's and Don'ts for travelers when travel in Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Tips – Don’ts

  • Physical displays of affection between lovers in public are frowned upon. That’s why you may come across couples holding hands but not hugging or kissing.
  • Wear shorts or old T-shirts to visit a Pagoda, they won’t let you in. Be sure to dress conservatively and dress for the occasion, you are after all visiting a piece of history.
    Sit with your feet pointing towards a family altar if you are staying in someone’s house.
  • Do not try to take photographs of military installations or anything to do with the military. This can be seen as a breach of national security.
  • Do not carry your passport a leave it in the safe in your hotel. A photocopy will suffice if local law states that you need to.
  • Touch someone at the head or point at someone by your finger (or feet).
  • Never wear your bag on your back, always keep it in front of you zipped or locked properly. Thieves sometimes use the knives to rip your bag and they are so smart! You won’t even feel it.
  • Never take video cameras into the ethnic minority villages. They are considered to be too intrusive by many local people. You can only shoot video in these places only if you get the permission of the locals.
  • Don’t rush people. They hate it. They take their time and there is no rush for them. If you have to wait 10 minutes for your coffee, just deal with it, don’t scream or show how unsatisfied you are because people take things slow and easy.
  • Remember, this is Vietnam, a devloping country, and things don’t quite work as you are maybe used to. Don’t be paranoid about your safety, just be aware of your surroundings.

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