Visitting rice noodle making village in Mekong delta

One of the joys of the Mekong Delta tours is visiting small cottage industries that dot the region. In here, everything from handicrafts to candies to food to bricks is made in the delta.

Visitting these villages will be a memorable experience for visitors. So today, we will go with you come to visit a rice noodle factory in the Mekong delta.

Visitting rice noodle making village in Mekong delta

These rice noodle factory making use of the abundance of rice grown in the region. Because Mekong delta is known as “The Rice Bowl” of Vietnam.

Step 1: To make the noodles, the first step is to soak the grains of rice in water. The rice flour is sometimes mixed with tapioca starch to make chewier noodles.

In the past, stone hand grinders were used (and still are in some places) to grind rice into powder.

Step 2: Water is added to make a loose batter which is steamed into thin sheets.

Step 3: A thick cloth is pulled tightly over a pot of boiling water, much like an embroidery hoop, and a paint roller serves as a handy way to oil the cloth. The batter is then spread evenly over the surface of the cloth and then covered to steam.

Visitting rice noodle making village in Mekong deltaThe villagers have an ingenious way to remove the delicate “pancakes”. Woven bamboo “bats” provide just the right texture to grip the sticky sheets. They’re then laid out on bamboo racks to dry in the sun.

Step 4: Once the sheets are almost dry, they’re machine-cut into noodles. And arranged in bunches ready for packaging.

This work is simple, but it requires a high level of technical skill and thorough humanity.

How incredible to witness certain crafts being made very much like they have been for hundreds of years in the Mekong Delta, where life is simple and good.

So, contact us if you want to explore the land of fun with these skilled people.