Do you want explore Sapa by motobike ?

You do not want to trekking. Do you want to find a new experience when coming to Sapa? And Do you want explore Sapa by motobike ?

You can do this ! Please read the post below !

Option 1: 

 As for routes, from Sapa one option is to head down Muong Hoa Street towards Ta Van, Cau May or Ban Ho village – all clearly signposted from the main road.

On the way, you will have many opportunities to enjoy the incredible panoramic view of Muong Hoa valley and keep the photo album. You go to Muong Hoa valley where is one of the most famous destinations for many tourists. In the heart of the valley is Muong Hoa stream, 15 km length. The local also construct the wood bridges crossing the stream to strengthen ties with the neighbors. In the valley, there are many famous stones with many strange words and symbols which nobody can explain.

The road hugs the side of the mountain with unobstructed views of the valleys and mountains to the south, with some truly jaw-dropping outlooks onto the stepped paddy climbing up the slopes. But take care: it’s possible to drive off the edge when distracted by the sense-tingling views.

Do you want explore Sapa by motobike ?

Option 2: 

Another option is to drive up to Lao Chai, leave Sapa on Thac Bac Street and keep on going. Lao Chai village where the black H’mong. Here you will enjoy the fresh air, see terrace fields, stream, visit and discover some of the H’mong’s families, three large villages with over 100 families of the Black H’mong ethnic, and people here are quite hospitable.

It’s around a three hour drive so a bit too far for a day trip, but if you’ve time to stay overnight in Lao Chai it’s a good drive, and you can continue on to Muong Lay and loop back through Son La if you feel adventurous.

Option 3: 

Still  drive up to Lao Chai then head back towards Lao Cai and turn left to Ta Phin – signposted off the main road – which only takes around 30 minutes. Ta Phin village, where many people belonging to the Red Dao minority live. You directly buy the handicraft products are eye-catching with numerous bright colors and patterns, ranging from bag, scarf, purse, to skirt, and even backpack and coat. 

NOTE: you must have a Vietnamese license to drive legally in Vietnam and the roads are not for the faint hearted.

It would be better if you go with local guides. They will support you a lot throughout the trip.