Travelling Sapa: why you should chosse a homestay tour rather than in a hotel ?

When travelling Sapa you’ll be faced with an array of treks to choose from and one decision you’ll need to make is whether to do a trek that includes a homestay.

Travelling Sapa with experiencing homestay in Sapa will be the great opportunity for you to stay in the middle of a rural village in the Northern of Vietnam

It is offers something a night in a hotel can never provide, they give you a real experience of local life, connect you with like-minded people and can provide a vital source of revenue in struggling economies.

Here are just a few reasons to consider a homestay tour next time you travel Sapa:

1. To explore somewhere new

Homestays provide the chance to get to know a destination you probably wouldn’t have explored otherwise. Not only could you find a neighbourhood, town, or village yet to feature on the tourist map, but you’ll learn about local customs and traditions, from eating habits to family routines.

 Travelling Sapa: why you should chosse a homestay tour rather than in a hotel ?

2. To get under the skin of this land

Stay with a resident, and you’ll have the ultimate insider to guide you.

Hosts will give you the scoop on the hidden highlights and unusual attractions. They might tip you off on the best place to watch the sunrise, Share useful experiences for your trip or help you find the city’s coolest bar scene.

3. For memorable meals

Many hosts will rustle up a traditional meal. So, take this opportunity to sample authentic dishes.

If you want to put your own culinary skills to the test, offer to help out and you’ll likely head home with a new recipe or two up your sleeve. You could even cook a traditional dish from your own country to share with your host, making the experience one of genuine cultural exchange.

 Travelling Sapa: why you should chosse a homestay tour rather than in a hotel ?

4. For a language lesson

Hanging out with a resident means ample chance to practise your language skills. Many hosts inevitably speak English, but will happily support you as you learn. This is a great chance for you to gain a better understanding of the local language, and pick up some new phrases.

Take advantage and ask your host to translate some key sentences that you’ll need as you explore the area. Even if you make a few mistakes, trying to communicate will help you create a bond with your host and the people you meet on your trip.

5. To support the local economy

Around 1.2 billion tourists travelled the world last year – but the money they spend frequently doesn’t filter down into the local economy. With a homestay, you know a significant proportion of your accommodation costs are benefiting an individual or community, rather than a multinational chain.

6. To understand a new culture

Fortunately, chosse a Sapa tour with overnight at homestay, it can help you avoid any faux pas. Your host family are the ideal source of information when it comes to getting a deeper insight into a new culture. Don’t be shy and fire away plenty of questions. This is your chance to familiarise yourself with local customs and learn the rules for what is considered polite and what isn’t.

 Travelling Sapa: why you should chosse a homestay tour rather than in a hotel ?

7. For lasting friendships

The very nature of homestays means that you’ve already got some common ground with your host: they also love meeting new people. Stay with a local and you’ll have the chance to come home with a new friendship – and a good excuse to return.

Hope these basic reasons will make you think of a Sapa tour with a homestay night. If not, it would be a pity.